Rice Producer Chooses CESAB

World famous rice producer Riso Scotti has chosen 13 high performance CESAB forklifts to increase material handling efficiencies at its Pavia plant in Italy.

Excellent manoeuvrability in very narrow aisles is one of the reasons why the company has selected six CESAB B200s, four B300/400s and three Blitz 250 forklifts from CESAB dealership Gamma Carrelli.

Handling around 600 tonnes of product every day, Riso Scotti needs all material handling equipment to be durable, safe and reliable. Its forklift trucks work continuously during shifts, handle heavy bags of rice and operate safely in very narrow aisles.

Mr. Faè, maintenance manager: “We produce more than 100,000 tonnes of processed food product each year and we have to ensure trucks work all the time and are completely reliable.”

One of the most challenging applications on-site is now carried out by the CESAB B215s which lift bags each containing around 1.3 tonnes of rice. In an operation repeated by each truck 30 times each day, the B215 makes the most of its compact dimensions to move the rice bags through very narrow aisles and reduce the risk of load damage.

As with other CESAB counterbalanced trucks, the B200 range features CESAB’s industry leading Intelligent Mast Design system (IMD), which delivers unrivalled visibility through the mast, with the highest levels of strength and durability and reduced noise and vibration.

The 80v Blitz 250 trucks handle heavy rice bags and are equipped with special fork positioner attachments with weight indicators on the forks, which enables operators to check that bags are charged with the correct quantity of rice and stop the flow of rice from the silos at the right time. 
Mr. Faè: “The CESAB trucks are proving to be reliable and easy to use. They are extremely compact which allows them to operate in the narrow production aisles and the high visibility levels through the mast make them safer and more productive when handling the large rice bags.

“We are delighted with the service and support from our CESAB dealer, Gamma Carrelli. Their advice means we can improve our material handling performance all the time and operate as productively and efficiently as possible.”